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The Challenge: Day 3 and Family Photos

Seven Days in a Dress – are you joining us on this journey?

Click to read through if you’ve missed any of the previous installments:
Take the Challenge! (Introduction)
Day 1 (Sunday “Go To Meetin’ Clothes”)
Day 2 (Shoe Musings)

Today’s photos are slightly different (hopefully better)… We just had our family portraits done for this year, and I am sharing them instead of trying to take our own duplicate picture of the outfits. Thanks to the miracle of digital photography, there’s not a delay of weeks while we wait for developing and printing them!

We wanted to have Wolf and Nick in their uniforms (Wolf from the Air Force Reserves, Nick from Civil Air Patrol), so we thought it would be fun for the kids and I to wear “knock-off” clothes made from the Air Force’s ABU camouflage pattern.

Tiffany is wearing a custom-made nursing jumper, with a coordinating tan blouse. White peds and brown Sanitas on the bottom, a camo bandanna as a head-covering over a ponytail on top. (Boy, my legs were cold! But I didn’t have any tights or warm socks that matched.)

Jewel is wearing a jumper I made, with a tan blouse (same fabric as mine). She has on her favorite boots, and a camo headband (with ponytail). In a couple of the shots she also has on the hat that is actually part of R.T.’s outfit.

I got a great comment on my Facebook wall yesterday –

‎2 days in skirt & hose, lovin the compliments


So, how is your Challenge going? Are you noticing a difference in the way you feel? In the way people react to you?

Using the “Linky” below, you can share the link to your blog post, or to a public photo or album. Let’s share the journey, and support our Sisters!


4 Responses to “The Challenge: Day 3 and Family Photos”

  • Tiana Krenz says:

    Those are some great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

    I’m thinking I’ll have to do my own 7 day challenge–but I don’t think immediately postpartum when nothing fits right is the time (LOL). Maybe in the spring. :)

  • Ellidh says:

    I’ve recently found your blog and really enjoying reading through your posts on modesty.
    I notice that you cover your head and I wonder if you have shared in any posts at all about why and how you came to do that?


    • Tiffany says:

      Hello, and welcome!

      I don’t think I’ve blogged about head-covering, actually.

      I’ll put it on my To Do list, for sure. Thanks for the reminder! :)

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