Hello everyone!

My name is Nicholas, which will soon be Nicolae, but that will not change my common nick-name, Nick. I’m 17, and a writer. Check out my writing blog, The Bookwyrm’s Den.

I am a Senior at Biloxi High School, and mostly don’t enjoy it. I’m taking the usual academic courses (Trig, English, History, Science, Gov’t) as well as some electives like Mythology and Web Page Design.

Recently, I have discovered Doctor Who, which has given me a new favorite television show and a new favorite fictional character.

Some of my former hobbies have included Tae Kwon Do and competitive chess, but they were just phases.  Our whole family likes Renaissance Faires.

Nick and Papa, 2008

I won’t be blogging here much, but I will on my blog, so keep checking over there if you want to see what I’m up to.