Since I know it’s tough to find them, I am going to try to keep a list here of resources I’ve run across.

Please note that not every item on every site will agree with everyone’s standards of “modest dress” – but I am trying to include as wide a variety of options as possible. I also have not personally done business with many of these businesses, and this listing should not be taken as any kind of guarantee or endorsement (although I have included my reviews, where relevant).

The types of businesses vary – some of these are “regular” corporate entities, some are family and SAHM businesses. Many (especially in the latter category) offer custom sewing to your specification, or at least basic adaptations to the stated specifications (such as skirt length).

Some of these are “Christian” oriented, others are labeled “Jewish,” “LDS,” “Catholic,” “Plain,” or even “Muslim” – or none of the above. I guess the point I want to stress here is that we can share resources and information wherever we find them, and enjoy some degree of support even from women whose beliefs may be very different from our own.

PLEASE NOTE: Let me reiterate that I am not promoting the adoption of any of these websites’ beliefs or standards – merely offering them as another option from which you may be able to pick and choose some items or information which will be helpful to you in your own walk.

If one of these links is no longer in business, or if you have a suggestion for a new one to add, please let me know by emailing me directly at asformyhouse @ (without the spaces).

Clothing (many of these also sell swimwear, headcoverings, etc.)

Ringger Clothing – just placed an order from here. Also sells patterns. Remember that you can customize – add length, add pockets, etc. – just ask.
Deborah & Co.
The Kings’ Daughters
Marie Madeline Studio
Modest Apparel USA
Mennonite Maidens – also has patterns. Clothing is not all “Mennonite” in style.
Lilies of the Field
Adore Vintage
Apostolic Clothing Company
Phyllis Jean
(eBay store)
Katie’s Mercantile – I have quite a few nursing jumpers and other goodies from here; Katie and her family are wonderful! There are several reviews here on the blog. Also sells headcoverings, including my favorite “hanging veil”.
Works of the Heart – Jewel and I have both ordered and enjoyed dresses from this lovely family business.
Far Above Rubies – Just placed and order from here – LOVELY – review in the works. Remember that you can customize – add length, add pockets, etc. – just ask.
Hillbilly Creations – Mrs. Davis has made a number of lovely skirts for Jewel and I, as well as some amazing custom projects. We also use quite a few of her market totes! – Almost all of Jewel’s bloomers are from here, and we have reviewed them on the blog.
Custom work, email Allyson: dollythepony @
DCM Apparel (also offers a military discount)
Kadosh Creations
Vermont Country Store
Divine Modestee – also has swimwear
Teresita’s Sew Creative (click the text links, not the images, to navigate)
Kosher Casual – all made in Israel. Includes modest-izing accessories such as shells, cleavage covering panels, “sleevies,” layering pieces, etc.
Shabby Apple – adorable boutique clothes for babies, girls, women, and maternity. Not all equally modest.
Christian Coverings – also has headcoverings.
Mennonite Mom – also sells on eBay.
Mira Clothes – an ExerSkirt and ExerShirt for modest fitness!
Mikarose stylish clothing designed to be modest (although naturally people’s definitions of modesty differ).
The Skirt Outlet
Modest Clothing Directory has links to many modest clothing sites, categorized for ease of use.
Plainly Dressed
Sis-Miss LDS “Sister Missionary” site
Sugar N Spice Everything Nice

You can also find many modest clothing items by searching on eBay!


Princess Modest Swimwear – also sells Swim Headcoverings. Although I have not yet had the pleasure of purchasing a suit from her (I’d sure like one!), I have emailed extensively with the owner, Galia, and purchased one of the swim headcoverings. My impression is that she is very helpful and caring, and I would not hesitate to give her my business.
Meant to Be Modest
Sea Secret
Swim Modest
WholesomeWear – Their “Skirted Swimmer” is the suit that Jewel wears, and we are delighted!
Froggie’s Swim Caps (also has an XL size for bigger heads or longer hair)
Swim Caps by Fran (also has an XL size for bigger heads or longer hair). Jewel and I both use and enjoy swim caps purchased here. CAUTION: This site contains many immodest (skimpy swimwear) images, so use discretion.
Simply Modest Swimwear
Creations by Savannah (on Etsy). Also has some clothing and other items.

Headcovering (also see the “Swimwear” category for swim caps)

Free to Cover on Etsy. Also does custom orders.
Garlands of Grace
Headcoverings by Devorah
Sowers of Hope – All my go-to coverings are from here!
Cover Your Hair – more of a mass-market store, I found that their headbands and such ran too small for me (the reason I don’t buy hair accessories at local chain retail stores).
Covered 4 Him
Covered With Style
Mayim Chayim Hand-crocheted coverings
Honor Your Head
My Headcoverings


Add-on pockets
Sock Dreams – some of this store’s offerings and pages are a little racy, but they have a great selection of long socks.

While there are always going to be some modest patterns to be found among the “masses” in any pattern line, the ones listed here are intentionally offering modest selections.

Candle on the Hill

Although most of these are home businesses without any thought of such things, I would not be opposed to becoming an affiliate for a company that sold wholesome clothing. So the possibility exists, over time, that clicking through one of my links would earn me a small referral commission. In which case, I am very grateful.