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Maple Hill Dryer Balls review and giveaway

It’s Day TWO of the As For My House Holy Week Giveaway Bonanza!

What? A bunch of blog giveaways aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “holy” or “Easter”?

I know… But I wanted to share my joy with you at this time of year, and share gifts in honor of the Greatest Gift of All that Christ gave us.

There will be five giveaways, each lasting for a week, leading up to Easter Sunday.

I appreciate all the wonderful sponsors who have made this possible. Enjoy!!

Let me introduce you to Maple Hill Dryer Balls.

The owner, Rebecca, is a stay-at-home mom, making the dryer balls with wool from the sheep on her father’s farm. (Isn’t that sweet?)

She was a delight to do business with, and her products are very professional in appearance and even packaging.

Dryer balls are sold in many forms these days, all claiming to reduce drying time by allowing the air to circulate better among the items in the dryer.

Wool is a 100% natural way to do this, with no dyes or chemicals.

According to Maple Hill Dryer Balls, and confirmed by my experience, these dryer balls:

  • Decrease static cling
  • Fluff up clothing
  • Are 100% reusable and very durable
  • The XL size is much larger than others you’ll find (or the typical tennis ball substitute), and that much more effective!

The more you use the better your results. Maple Hill Dryer Balls recommends that people use 4 balls for small loads and 6+ for large loads to optimize drying time and benefits — or up to 12 for super large loads, heavy towels or cloth diapers, etc.

I purchased a set of dryer balls – lavender mint. I do use a clothesline when possible, but I also rely on my gas dryer when it’s raining, humid, or the laundry is just too much at one time for the line.

The smell was delightful, and I certainly enjoyed handling them. It didn’t seem to last very long, though, and since it doesn’t impart any scent to the clothes I don’t think I’ll spend the money to re-scent them.

The dryer balls have done a wonderful job!

I have absolutely noticed a decrease in drying time (think of the money saved on the gas bill!), as well as a softer, fluffier result. Why did I wait so long to try these little beauties?

As an As For My House Reader, you can take 10% off your purchase at from now until April 10th. Use code AsForMyHouse10 at checkout.

Enter below to win a Coupon Code good for 50% Off your purchase at Maple Hill Dryer Balls

I received a discounted product for review purposes. I was not compensated in any way for this review. This review has not been approved or edited by anyone. Maple Hill Dryer Balls is providing the prize for this giveaway, shipped directly to the winner.
I was “disclosing” before it was cool. See my Review Policy for the full scoop.

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17 Responses to “Maple Hill Dryer Balls review and giveaway”

  • Cindy B says:

    Depending on shipping cost I would like to try the unscented large dryer balls. Surprised this is a giveaway for a coupong but still a nice giveaway.

    • Tiffany says:

      It all depends on the sponsor’s budget.

      As a small, home-based business, Maple Hill Dryer Balls doesn’t have a lot of “wiggle room” for advertising.

      She didn’t send me a free product for review, either… I just decided it was worth it! :)

    • says:

      I try to keep my shipping costs very reasonable!

  • Elizabeth B says:

    I’d like to try the Lilac Scented Wool Extra Large Dryer Balls! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Amanda M says:

    unscented extra large balls

  • Tabitha @ A Restful Place says:

    I love my Maple Hill Dryer Balls and would love to win this coupon to get more! :-) I would get some more unscented Large ones! :) Thanks so much!

  • Lisa S. says:

    Unscented balls would be nice. I don’t love the hard spiky plastic ones I have. They’re so loud (and PLASTIC)!

  • Melissa Daudelin says:

    I would love to dry ANY of her dryer balls!

  • Steph Skelonis says:

    I like scented dryer balls… EXTRA LARGE :)

  • Erin D says:

    I would love to try the lilac scented extra large dryer balls

  • Mary Horowitz says:

    Any of the dryer balls! I’ve been thinking about trying to make my own, but winning them would make my husband happy (so I don’t take up another project around the house)!

  • Sharon L. says:

    I would love to try the extra large balls and some of the scenting kits.

  • Kim Johnson says:

    The Scented Wool Dryer Balls

  • Sue M says:

    I agree with this review completely! I bought scented balls somewhere else and the scent didn’t last long or leave much scent on the clothes. Also, when I received the balls from Maple Hill . . . MUCH bigger than others I have purchased. Owner is a DELIGHT to work with. . . I LOOOOVE my custom made set!!! I would get another silver one, and white drizzled in “chocolate”. Yummy laundry!

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