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Jun 232014

It’s always fun when we have the opportunity to review a costume from AntyimeCostumes.com. They have a great selection, and my kids enjoy dress-up at any time of year.

This latest was the Renaissance Peasant Boy Costume.

Ummm, that’s R.T. not wearing the hat correctly.  (And their stock photo of the costume if you do get it all on your child at once)

Wolf and I have a substantial investment in our Renaissance Faire costumes, which we have been building up for decades.  Kids, though, grow so fast that it just doesn’t make sense.

If you’re not crafty (like me!), these inexpensive, cute, and comfortable costumes are a great way to go.

You can find Anytime Costumes on all the usual social media outlets these days.  Give them a follow to find out about sales and new arrivals:



Disclosure: I received one or more complimentary products or services mentioned above in the hope that I would mention it on my website and/or in social media. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe may be good products/services for my readers. I disclose this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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May 172014

How about an exciting, child-friendly adventure story with a Christian heart?

While this book wouldn’t have made it onto my list of nominees for best-written thing I’ve read this year, my kids really enjoyed it.

It can be lonely growing up outside the woods of New England during the 1890′s, especially with Christmas on the way. All that Christopher really wants is a friend. However, that’s not very likely, because the only neighbor his age comes from a wealthy family, and the two have never been allowed to associate. That all changes on the day that Samuel Hopkin comes up missing. Christopher volunteers to help, but things go wrong and he suddenly finds himself caught up in the same impossible situation. Relying on the survival skills he’s honed while exploring the Falmouth Woods, Christopher keeps his eyes fixed on God as he tries to find a way for them both to escape. But will they be able to do it in time?

The plot was exciting and suspenseful, without ever being too scary or disturbing.  The kids looked forward to reading a chapter each night, to find out what would happen next.

The Christian message came through loud and clear.  More than just morality, this was truly an inspirational message of faith.

Highly recommended…  And looking forward to reading more from Mr. Edwards!

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May 022014

(This post is part of the Holding Up Our Sign series)

As I have previously posted, we find ourselves socially to be very, very at home with the Reformed Baptist churches in general (see ).

But, as I also noted in that post, we are unable to reconcile with the Calvinist view of predestination.  (Please note that I am attempting to use “I” and “we” distinctly here, as they were a bit different in the journey – although “we” arrived unshakably at the same conclusion).

We attended a local Reformed Baptist church for about a month, and had a wonderful time of fellowship with like-minded (in most ways!) individuals.  We even had dinner at the pastor’s house, and had a whole evening to talk about doctrine.

I wanted to be able to be part of their fellowship.  I was willing to suspend some of my disbelief and really try to see the way they were interpreting things.  This was definitely not a case of rejecting something based on preconceived notions.

(I must also put in here somewhere that the people who want to distill the entire scope of the issue down to a debate of Calvinism vs. Arminianism are using drama to try to make their point.  In reality, there is a vast “grey area” between those two opposite views).

Posting a debate of each verse that was cited to us would be long and pointless, and there have been countless volumes written on both sides of the debate.  Suffice to say that while we saw many verses that could be interpreted that way, we didn’t see any that didn’t have another (easy and obvious) possible meaning.  I wondered if I needed to dig out my Greek New Testament and begin a more probing study of them.

Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time.

– Oswald Chambers

It is interesting to note that our teen son, Nick, rejected Calvinism and this church violently upon his first visit there.  Without much ability to articulate more, he simply insisted that the notion of predestination was opposed to the character of God.  When we discussed the idea that perhaps we could differ in some ways and still enjoy their fellowship, he protested.  We didn’t understand his adamant perspective until a couple of weeks later.

Then one Sunday after services, we were all (our family and the congregation) sitting around chatting after the fellowship meal.  I found myself sitting with a group on women, including someone I knew outside of the church and considered a possible friend (to be developed).  I can write this story only because I know she does not read my blog, and I will further call her by the pseudonym “Jane” to protect her privacy.

Jane was upset, and as the conversation went on her tears flowed freely.  She was discussing her teenage son, who had not accepted Christ.  The discussion began with her question, “How can I teach him to lead a good life?  I know he may not be one of the elect, but I still want him to be a good person…”

Hold it.  Stop right there.

That clarified on a deep emotional level for me what Calvinism’s predestination really meant:

Calvinism asserts that there is no guarantee that my children can be saved.  

They may simply not be one of the elect.  Period.

I don’t have to cite chapter and verse to support how ridiculous that is.  Scripture should be taken in context, they say, and the whole of Scripture leads me to an understanding of the Lord that can not encompass this idea.

My son was right.

Clearly, we would never believe in the five “TULIP” points of Calvinism.  But further, we could not sit under that teaching, knowing that our children would be absorbing that message.

I miss their fellowship desperately.  But I continue to believe that the Lord has a plan for us.

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May 012014

Today’s post is really just a link to a post.

After all, if another blogger puts up a terrific post on a subject I feel strongly about, why re-invent the wheel?

Thus without further ado, I invite you to go check out:

The Headcovering Q & A at Joyful Christian Homemaking

Note that if you are reading this post later, you may need to search or scroll down to find this post, as there do not seem to be individual links.



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Apr 212014

Hearing the doctor say that your eight year-old has a chronic illness is quite an emotional load.  That’s where we’ve been for the past couple of months.

Many doctor (gastroenterologist) visits, many blood draws, many out-patient hospital tests.  And, finally, the verdict:

Crohn’s Disease

The medical model for treatment is frightening.  It begins with high dose steroids, potentially for long periods of time.  That’s not healthy for anyone, and definitely not for a growing child.

Web MD summarizes:

Many of the same drugs used to treat flares are also used to manage Crohn’s disease. Some options:

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs, such as sulfasalazine
  • Immune-suppressing drugs, such as 6-mercaptopurine, azathioprine, or methotrexate
  • Corticosteroids, which suppress immune responses and control inflammation
  • Biologics, which block inflammation. These include Cimzia, Humira, Remicade, Stelara, and Tysabri.
  • Antibiotics

Let me back up a minute and explain the amazing results we have had in our house recently with Essential Oils, and Oregano in particular.  We have healed a recurring two-kid bout of Impetigo that had survived two rounds of antibiotics, cured an ear infection, and destroyed a wart.  And that doesn’t even touch the more-subtle wonders like soothing headache, clearing sinus pressure and congestion, helping heal boo-boos, and on and on.

It’s enough to convince a person (all over again) that God knew what He was doing, and He put on the Earth the things that we need to keep our physical bodies healthy.

I was really tickled when I found Jini Patel Thompson on YouTube, while researching oregano oil’s antibiotic properties.  I have been gluten free for over two years now (never bothered to get tested for Celiac), so I was fascinated with her usage of Oregano to heal digestive issues.

Little did I know just how much I would need this information a short time later.

It turns out that Mrs. Thompson healed herself from an extreme (extreme!) place in her battle with Crohn’s Disease, and has spent the past 12 years refining her protocols, and working with others in the same predicament.

It all comes together in a program (explained in a book) called Listen to Your Gut.  And, as you may have guessed from my lead-in, she uses oregano oil!

I’ve purchased the book (which comes with a wealth of coaching, support, digital worksheets, etc.), and I am feverishly reading my way though it.

The bottle of extreme steroids that was prescribed is still sitting on the counter.  I filled it, but I just couldn’t bring myself to give it to her.

It’s a long road ahead for my sweet girl, so I don’t feel any particular pressure to do something TODAY.

We are considering a “give your guts a break so that they can heal” dietary time for the whole family.  Although I like the idea of the “Whole 30″, this wouldn’t be suitable for her (too much fiber, tough to digest veggies, etc.).  We are looking into the GAPS diet, and also considering a raw milk fast.

Have any of our readers been down this path?  We would certainly appreciate your input…  and even just your company.

* Photo at the top is from a site called L-Glutamine Truth, which I know nothing about and am not endorsing in any way.  Just liked the image.  🙂

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Apr 192014

A belated congratulations to the winner of our :

Jane M.

The prize consists of both the PANIC No More filing system, and the adorable File the Pile filing box, for a total value of $41.

Don’t panic when the snail mail comes in! Just pull out a recycling bin for the items you don’t need and file the rest into this easy, color-coded filing system. Comes with 25 color-coded folders, 25 peel and stick file labels, 6 labeled tabs and hanging file folders, and instructions.

Even if you didn’t win, there are still plenty of goodies available!

Clever Container has a fabulous promotion running through the end of April – the versatile Lights Out is available for just $12 with your purchase of $50 or more.

PLUS, I am running several special sales just for my customers.  Be sure to visit Organizing With Tiffany on Facebook to be advised of all the opportunities.  (Click “Like”, then hover over that Like and click to “Get Notifications”, or Facebook may decide not to show things to you).

Congratulations again to Jane, and Happy Organizing to all!

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Mar 242014

Okay, it’s getting CRAZY with the discounts on top of giveaways on top of offers…  I wanted to bring everything together for you, so you don’t miss out!

Here’s a quick rundown, with details below:

  1. Free Car Hooks GWP

  2. Mystery Hostess credit drawing

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  5. Blog Giveaway

Okay, now here’s the breakdown:

1.  Clever Container is offering all customers a set of these clever Car Hooks (see photo) FREE with any purchase of $50 or more during March.

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One guest will be named the party’s “hostess”, and will earn some wonderful gifts and rewards (depending on the party sales).  The party ends at midnight on March 30th!

3.  Do you know anyone who enjoys organizing?  Or someone who could use a little extra cash?

Clever Container is a young company, with less than 2500 consultants nationwide – so we have a wide open market!

If you refer someone to me who joins the Clever Container team, I will thank you with $25 in Clever Cash (gift certificate)!

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5.  I am personally giving away some great products here on the blog.  The prize consists of both the PANIC No More filing system, and the adorable File the Pile filing box.  This prize has a total value of $41.

Just use the Rafflecoptor form, below, to enter!  This also ends at midnight on March 30th.

Organizing just got fun!  Good luck!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Mar 102014

As if the free gifts in my last post () weren’t enough, I decided that I would just plain give away some Clever Container products, to help people see just how fabulous they are!

You can enter with the Rafflecoptor form right here on the blog. There are lots of ways to enter – something for everyone.

PANIC-No-More_list The prize consists of both the PANIC No More filing system, and the adorable File the Pile filing box.  This prize has a total value of $41.

Don’t panic when the snail mail comes in! Just pull out a recycling bin for the items you don’t need and file the rest into this easy, color-coded filing system. Comes with 25 color-coded folders, 25 peel and stick file labels, 6 labeled tabs and hanging file folders, and instructions.

Any purchase you make through the Mystery Hostess Online Launch party will earn you:

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Organizing just got fun! Good luck!

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Mar 072014

We’re working on a move out of state, so we have decided that moving into an RV is the way to go. Sound odd?

  • It will reduce our expenses, allowing us to save up for the cost of the move.
  • It will reduce expenses, allowing us to pay off the last of our debts and get our financial house in order.
  • It will reduce the cost of the move, since we will not need a huge truck or a storage unit.
  • It will make us mobile, in case the new job requires Wolf to attend military training in one or more other locations before our final destination.
  • It will free us of the clutter monster, and give our minimizing efforts a huge push forward.

So we have begun the purge, selling off the furniture, clearing out trash, and donating boxes and bags full of stuff to the Airman’s Attic.

I’ve also been on the hunt for some solutions for keeping the small spaces organized in the RV.

I found a company that had so many great organizing items for home, car, and travel… that I decided to join up!

Take a peek at my new Clever Container website, and see for yourself.  I even put up a Facebook Page!

And to top it off, I’m kicking off my new business with a Mystery Hostess Online LAUNCH Party!

If you are on Facebook, you can visit the Party Page.  But if you’re not, that’s okay, too!

Here’s how it works:

Help kick off my new business venture, and you may be the one selected (randomly) to be the party “Hostess” and earn free products and more!

** Every $50 order earns a free set of clever Car Hooks (a $12 value)!

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Just visit: https://www.mycleverbiz.com/tiffanyh/shop/

Browse the products, or flip through the online catalog. As you complete your purchase online, the very bottom right corner will ask you to “Select Party”. Just select “Mystery Hostess online LAUNCH Party!” and you will be entered in the Mystery Hostess drawing.

SHOPPING IS OPEN NOW! This party will *end* at midnight on March 12th, so get your order in…

I’m so excited to begin using the items that I received in my New Consultant Kit!  And I’m going to be placing an order with this party, myself, because there are a few more things that will really help out my organizing efforts.

If you’d like a paper catalog, feel free to request one through my Clever Container website (HERE).

And if you don’t win the Mystery Hostess drawing?  You can host a party of your own — entirely online and/or with catalogs — and earn free gifts all for yourself!

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Feb 142014

Well, sometimes things work out better than you could have imagined. That was definitely the case after I wrote my post on !

I discovered a lovely online store called the Millinery Shop.

Like many places, they offer a wig grip product:

Slipproofit! This SLIP-NOT WIG GRIP band is worn directly on your head under a hat pretied, scarf or wig. The crushed velour material holds everything in place. No more will your WIG -HAT – SCARF – PRETIED BANDANA slide back. This Velour item is extremely comfortable to wear with an adjustable velcro closure in the back.

But they have several wonderful differences from “many places.”

If you’re inclined, they offer fantastic wholesale discounts for volume purchases. Since their prices are already quite low, I imagine this would be a terrific business opportunity.

But more important for the rest of us: They produce their own merchandise, so they can make it however they need to!

This means that their products – including the wig grip – are offered in a fantastic variety of sizes. It also means that they can offer customization if needed.


The Slip-Not Wig Grip, for example, has options for fabric (velour or cotton/velour), color (black, brown, champagne), and size (S, M , L, XL).

And look at all the other stuff they offer: from their array of pre-tied bandannas, snoods, hats, and other headcoverings, to gloves, iron-on accessories, and more.

As you know from my prior post, size is a problem for me. However with this variety, I found myself with an overabundance of choices! At 24″ head circumference, it looked like I could easily use either a Large or an Extra Large!

They were kind enough to send me both – and they are, in fact, both comfortably usable! And even doing a crazy hybrid of wearing a tichel and having it back off my forehead a bit, they held the slippery scarf in place solidly.

I will definitely be shopping more for myself at the Millinery Shop, and I recommend it to you enthusiastically.

Want to try it out?

One lucky As For My House reader will win a Slip-Not Wig Grip (with options of your choosing!) from Millinery Shop! Just use the Rafflecoptor form, below, to enter the drawing.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received one or more complimentary products or services mentioned above in the hope that I would mention it on my website and/or in social media. The sponsor is also providing the giveaway prize, to be shipped directly to the winner. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe may be good products/services for my readers. I disclose this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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