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A Modest Witness – She Said

This is a “Parallel Post”! Be sure to check out what He Said

I had an interesting insight when we took the kids to the Miami SeaQuarium recently.

I am not trying to disrespect or stereotype anyone – quite the contrary, in fact. So please, bear with me…

There were a number of modestly-dressed ladies there who were clearly identifiable as Muslims.

Muslim Woman

While I do not feel women should wear pants, the point here is that these women stand out in a crowd as being exceedingly modest compared to today’s societal standards. Their commitment to their faith is on display.

And then there were quite a few modestly dressed women who were clearly identifiable as Jews.

Jewish Woman

Even those who do not cover their hair were easily spotted – especially since they typically had a yarmulke-wearing husband and several long-skirt-wearing daughters in tow.

But where are the Christians?

If I had been asked to pick them out by their witness of modesty, I would have said, “There aren’t any!”

But of course we all know that there were probably hundreds of Christians at the park that day.

And just like the unsaved and wordly women there, they were wearing short shorts, mini skirts, sheer blouses, and tank tops.

Are we not called to be set apart? To be salt and light to the world?

People often talk about how “our walk is our witness,” or “our life is the only Bible some peopel may ever read.” An unsaved person should be able to look at a Christian’s life and “want what they’ve got”… whether for a particular person what strikes them is joy, security, contentment, or any other fruit of our salvation.

So, when I was walking around the SeaQuarium, imagining what an unredeemed person would see… I wondered what those Muslim women “had,” and what those Jewish women “had”.

But nobody was preaching Christ by their walk.

If they had the light of Christ within (and I’m not here to judge the condition of someone’s soul!), they were hiding it under a bushel. Or, in this case, under a bikini top.

I’m not suggesting that we need to follow legalistic rules of “proper Christian dress.” I’m not suggesting that it’s important to be able to distinguish a modest Christian from a modest Jew.

I’m suggesting only that it is important for Christians not to become so conformed to the “acceptable” standard of society that they lose sight of the the big (eternal) picture.

You glorify Christ when you glorify the true beauty of yourself as a child of God, giving all the attention – Glory – to Him.

Not when your apparel draws attention to itself, or to specific parts of your anatomy that may lead an obersever of the opposite gender to think anything-but-holy thoughts.

Let your light shine!

When you see our family at the Zoo one day, you’ll know us for believers. Will we know you?


8 Responses to “A Modest Witness – She Said”

  • Rachel Davis says:

    Very well put Tiffany! I totally agree! Todays “acceptable norm” should be the unacceptable…look at the example we (as a generation) are setting for our children!

    Keep up the good work! I’m following you! :-)

  • Meg says:

    Actually, the Jewish women you saw with long skirts, yarmulke wearing husbands and modestly dressed kids probably were covering their hair–only they were wearing wigs. Many Orthodox Jewish women do, and to the untrained eye, they can be difficult to distinguish from real hair. (If you spend enough time around wig-wearing women, you will learn to pick out the tell-tale differences, though.)

    Here’s an example of the wigs Orthodox women wear. They can be quite realistic looking.

    • Tiffany says:

      Thanks for bringing that up, Meg.

      I’m just starting to learn about sheitels as I study more on headcovering. It’s quite an interesting concept…

  • Jennifer says:

    Really good point, Tiffany. I am not sure that most of us bear witness through our way of dressing very often. Thanks, it’s thought provoking.
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog … My new vintage shop! =-.

  • Katie says:

    I think you have a cogent point, but there’s a bit of a catch to it. Plain congregations and the orthodox Jewish groups you mention mandate specific attire, and the hijabi scarf is tied in such a way as to be recognizable. Outside of these groups, even in Christian congregations/denominations that promote modest dressing, the specifics are left up to each family. Therefore it’s not necessarily clear. Certainly if we see a family with modest clothes on, we can likely guess that they’re Christians, but it’s not as cut-and-dried. Modest dress may mean a wide variety of styles (watch an episode of the Duggars’ program in which they’re with the Bates family for an example of the varied styles. Both families dress modestly, but in quite different ways. Other families may choose less-lengthy skirts, etc.)

    • Tiffany says:

      Katie –

      I’m not sure why that’s a “catch”, though.

      As I said in the post, my concern isn’t that I be able to tell a Baptist from a Pentacostal, or even a Christian from a Jew…

      Only observing that Christians, by and large, aren’t taking a stand against the cultural slide into immodesty.

      And there’s as much point to it the other way: If someone knows you’re a Christian, do they see you keeping your body private as a temple for God and your husband?

  • Lindsey says:

    I just accidentally came across your website and just read your posting. Thank you! Thank you for taking a stand for modesty when in many cases it is shunned by the world. I to believe in dressing modestly and making sure people know you are a Christian by not only the way you dress but also act. It is truly refreshing to hear another person put into words how I feel.

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